Monday, 1 June 2015

Ice Ice Baby.

A little while ago I mentioned that Sophie had started ice skating lessons and was doing rather well.
She was picked up by a coach who wanted to coach her privately and as Sophie loves skating we allowed this to happen.

Well things moved very quickly and her coach mentioned an inclusive skating competition being held in Glasgow in April. She wanted Soph to enter.

Inclusive Skating is a fairly new form of competition and it is open to anyone who has any form of disability, long term medical condition or an impairment that may cause issue or disadvantage in skating. These can range from being deaf, blind, asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, heart conditions, physical disabilities and also any cognitive issues etc

Each person is assessed and given a classification score. This score is then included to final judges scores. You don't know what your classification score is but it's done fairly to allow people with conditions and impairments that otherwise couldn't be fairly judged to compete against each other.

The hope is that the scoring criteria can be used to allow Ice skating to be included in the Paralympics!

People from all over the world came to compete and Sophie got to skate representing England.

As nervous as she was competing for the first time she did super well!

And I'm incredibly proud to say she won not one but two silver medals!!!

Which is incredible as she had only being skating about 5 months by the time this competition arrived!

She's now got the figure skating bug and is working very hard in training as it looks like the next competition is possibly going to be in October in Iceland. ICELAND!!!

As crazy as this world of skating has become, I'm so happy Sophie has found a sport which she loves. Not only does it build her confidence it also keeps her lungs working hard!! Sophie even continues to skate when her port is accessed, she's that dedicated!



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