Monday, 23 June 2014

Lung function.

Well Sophie had her port flushed today and I'd asked her nurse if it would be possible to do a cheeky little lung function while we were there.

She said sure, and then asked why...

I then had to confess id stopped the hypertonic saline. I did have my reasons though!

Soph developed a viral thing and ended up on orals with a horrendous bark. A cough she's never really had before. Strained and very wheezy. No amount of ventolin was curbing it so I figured that we already had an inkling the saline was causing irritation so I basically culled it.

Since stopping, her wheezing has stopped, her breathlessness has gone and she no longer sounds like darth vadar!

So, port flush was done with exceptional ease. She just sits on my lap and doesn't really murmur now-it's incredible!

Prior to her port flush she did her lung function. Best of three.

Now if you remember her previous results were as follows-

FVC 100%
FEV1 85%

Today she blew-

FVC   119%
FEV1 106%

Happy, relieved and ecstatic!

Not quite her best but only a few percentage off and her technique is still a little dodgy but 20% increase isn't something to be sniffed at!!!


So clinic in a few weeks to discuss whether to try the 3% saline. I really want her to stick with some strength of saline as it's keeping her bacteria numbers well and truly nuked.

Normal flora isn't something we hear often and I'd like that to continue if we can find a dose she can tolerate.

Will see what the team think and go from there.

Here's a few pics!

Ice skating has become one of Sophs latest loves and she's definitely growing in confidence. Possibly going to start lessons in September-watch this space! She's already swimming twice a week currently.

Soph with daisy, taken the day after the two dogs decided to abscond from the garden and take themselves off on an adventure. Mass panic occurred but thankfully both were found safely!

Taken today in clinic. Soph found the youngest kids toy to play with. Doesn't mask the fact she's growing up far too quickly!!!

We are currently in the middle of a horrendous tummy bug at home, lasting so long but I seem to be on the home stretch and Sophie is now better. Wish the same could be said for Ian who is quite poorly at the moment! Hopefully be gone soon-10 days is a long time to have an upset tummy!

And on that note, thank you for the responses on my last blog post. Very helpful indeed!

Take care all

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