Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Clinic round up!

Clinic went well to be fair. Sophie is in great health at the minute so wasn't expecting anything to be too out of the ordinary.

Weight sitting stable at 17.8kg
Height up nearly a cm to 109.9cm
And 100% sats.

Sophie had already produced a sputum sample before we left home so I handed that in. Always makes me giggle when they tell Sophie it's time for her to cough on a stick. She looks at them quite disgruntled and says 'why, there's a blob in a pot here!'

We spent a fair bit of time waiting around today in our room, which we understand can happen if other patients need more input or turn up late.

Eventually Sophie got to do her lung function, this was the bit I was most curious about as it has been down the last few times.

Today it had gone up a little to...

FEV1 90%
FVC  107%

So definitely heading in the right direction but not quite at her usual norm.

Had a chat with her consultant and we both agree the hypertonic saline is the likely culprit for her LF dip so he devised a plan.

You know how I love a plan!

We are going to increase her ventolin inhaler to 6 puffs prior to nebbing the saline.

If we still notice her breathyness etc then we are gonna switch her from the ineb to her slower compressor, as it's likely the ineb is a little too powerful for her lungs to take the quick delivery of saline.

If this still doesn't fix the issue then they will drop her down to 3% saline, but would prefer to keep her at the 6% as it is working so well for her in terms of mucocilliary clearance.

Booked port flush for end of next week so I may see if we have time to sneak in a cheeky lung function while we are there.

Anyone have any words of wisdom re hypertonic saline? Anyone switched to 3% and still seen such good results? Better with a slower compressor?

Be really grateful of others input.

Take care all!



  1. Hi my name is Terrie I'm 34 Pwcf, I use 3% HS as I'm really wheezy with the higher % my lung clearance is just as good. And I much less wheezy Xx

  2. I find my 6% does okay with my eflow, providing the mesh's don't get too old, it can take about 5-10 minutes and I've never noticed a decline myself but it still clears so much (when it works for me! The effectiveness is getting less but i don't think thats due to the elflow. I'm being awkward) xx

  3. I think CF kids must all have a cute gene also ;) What a cutie she is. My son got to a point that the hypertonic saline seemed to be counter productive. He hasn't done it in years. Hope you get some feedback that helps. Blessings to you.


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