Tuesday, 26 February 2013

MRSA Vs Vancomycin

Very long overdue post, sorry!

Well in my defence I have a reason why I have left it so long before writing this.
Right lets zoom back to Sophie's 5 day admission for nebulised Vancomycin. This was our last real shot of trying to eradicate MRSA.

We had already done a couple of rounds of topical and oral antibiotics to kill off this little bitch but had failed miserably.
Vancomycin was finally agreed. Had to be done as an inpatient as the drug can cause some nasty side effects in some people, mainly shortness of breath and a tight, wheezy chest.

So off we went back to the hospital, re-filling the bags we had literally just emptied after her tube wean.

The plan was...

To stop promixin for the 5 days while Soph had the Vanc.
To nebulise salbutamol before every dose of Vancomycin.
To nebulise Vancomycin 4 times per day.
To continue to nebulise pulmozyme.
To start 6 weeks of oral antibiotics on the 5th day of Vancomycin.

So this little lot amounted to 9 nebulised treatments per day. Yes I really did just say NINE.

Sophie was an absolute star.

She was able to have the salbutamol via her ineb but had to neb the Vanc via her old slow pariboy but she did every single dose and didn't waste a single droplet of medication.

Soph nebbing her vancomycin.

To say I was uber proud would be an understatement. I cannot believe how far she has come. This was the girl who wouldn't set foot inside a hospital, wouldn't let a single nurse or doctor near her and would fight any intervention.

This time round she was stretching out willingly for student doctors to examine her and was asking the staff to do her observations. Absolute madness!!

So after 5 days, she was kicked out and sent home on 6 weeks of oral rifampicin and oral clarithromycin.
Time for every bodily function to turn orange again!

Soph has taken it all in her stride which seems her norm now which is fabulous!!

While back home we managed to get quite a bit of snow! This is a pic of the igloo I built Soph. Yep it took me 4 hours to build all by myself! Who knew I had some skillz  :D

Soph and I managed to squeeze in :D

Sledging baby!

I love this pic of Alfie trying to catch the falling snow :D

Soph and her beloved puppy having a snuggle.

Oh there is one little bit of information I forgot!

First culture-NORMAL FLORA ONLY.
Second culture- MIXED GROWTH ONLY.
No Pseudo or MRSA!

So yeah that's currently the best news ever but I'm not about to say MRSA has gone and taken Pseudomonas with it. I'm hopeful MRSA has been eradicated and I do really expect pseudo to grow again at some point but we need to wait for a good 6 months to see if they've gone for good or not.

My current thoughts on the matter are:

Cautiously happy :)

In other news, for those of you who don't use twitter there is a fab CF awareness account and they have just started selling CF Wristbands to raise awareness and they also ship worldwide!
I will post a pic when ours arrive :) They are so bright and lovely!

CFAware wristbands

Take care all!
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