Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tube wean: Day 2 & 3

Sorry for the minor delay folks, Internet signal has been very challenging to say the least. It feels almost like we have been cut off from civilisation and I've never known it be this bad in hospital before :)

Anyways to summarise the tube wean so far..

Bloody awesome!!

Lets recap day 2.

Soph did okay at breakfast, she managed to eat about a fifth of her toast. This is the one meal she isn't keen on. By snack time she ate 2 small pots of yoghurt!!

It gets better, she then went on to eat all of her soup, a few crisps at snack time and nearly all of her mash potato!

Soph was still under her calories for the day so this meant she would need to drink some of her paediasure to boost her calorie intake.
Well she ended up doing better than that, she ate 7 Pringles and drank a whole paediasure. Awesome!!

Day 3

Started great, soph increased her toast intake and managed half today, 2 pots of yoghurt at snack time, all of her soup, half a packet of crisps and all of her mash potato!!

By 6pm she was only down 100 calories for the day so rather than give a 1/3 of a paediasure, Sophie chose to have 10 Pringles instead. She actually ate 13 in the end :) so over her daily calorie intake and not a supplement in sight!

As you may have noticed, Sophie is currently having the same foods each day while she learns to chew. Huge improvements have been noticed as she is already using her back teeth. Big breakthrough.

As her chewing improves her tomato soup will be replaced with minestrone and her mash will change to a baked potato but unsure yet whether the changes will happen here or when we are home. Will know more by next week dependent on Sophs progress.

She has very busy days and when she isn't in sessions with the psychologists, she is with the play therapists making, colouring and playing.

Each session is significant to the tube wean though as even though seen as fun, Sophie is either learning about eating, the mouth etc or is getting her hands dirty through messy play.

After each meal Sophie cleans her teeth too. This is really helping building her oral senses in the side of her mouth and also helping get rid of years of build up on the back teeth.

So to conclude, it is going much better than any of us ever anticipated really. Sophie does get emotional before each meal but once engaged, she brightens up and gets into eating.

She's still struggling with the stamina of chewing and finds it quite tedious but is showing improvements each day. It's all about building up her muscles.

As I'm still having to use my phone I will leave it here for now.

I will try and blog again in a day or two signal permitting!

Thanks for sticking with us :)


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