Saturday, 28 April 2012

Happy Birthday Sophie.

Cannot believe my baby girl is 5 today!

For a change Sophie wants to spend the weekend at Thomas land so that's where we are :)
Obviously lots of pictures will follow.

All that is left to say is Happy Birthday Sophie, we all love you so much and are incredibly proud of you. Many people can learn from your positive attitude and your hunger to live and enjoy every day.

Love you sweetheart.


Thursday, 12 April 2012


Sorry for the delay folks I've been at work all day!

Third set of cultures are all NEGATIVE to MRSA!

We will know in the coming months if we've managed to fully eradicate it but for now we can breathe a huge sigh of relief and celebrate :D
Ms M has left the building :)

Thanks for all of the support and all of the well wishes, hugely appreciated. Hopefully we won't have to meet the beast again.


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The bitch is going down.

After our previous bomb shell that Sophie had cultured MRSA in her sputum it was time to take action.
I didn't stay upset for long and gathered myself to go into total fight mode.
This is just a bump in the road and we would do everything possible to get this new bitch gone.

So time to start the eradication treatment.

We knew we would have a challenge with some of the treatment due to Sophs anxiety issues. Not only did she need some kick ass oral antibiotics, she also had to have 5 days worth of topical treatments.

These included being washed from head to foot in a special antibacterial wash every day, cream applied round her Mickey button 3 times a day, and cream rubbed into both nostrils 3 times a day.

We tried to turn it into a game and told her that her favourite nurse had sent her some special pink shower gel to try. The nasal cream was going to be the biggest challenge but we told Sophie that it was to stop spiders going up her nose (she hates them) and to our surprise she absolutely bought it!

She was so good that she told us to put the ointment onto her finger and she happily stuffed it up her own nose, wiggled it about, and snorted it up into her airways and repeat for the other nostril.

So proud of her!!

Sophie wasn't too bad on the oral antibiotics except for some tummy ache and lots of retching. The rifampicin made her sun sensitive and she managed to get sun burn on a cloudy day. Epic fail on our behalf but we plastered her in cream after that.
Slightly evil stuff that sent her urine and poops orange and her Mic-key button, plus on one occasion she actually cried diluted orange tears!

Look at the stuff, Sophie kept asking why we were giving her blood!

Luckily the orange side effect has worn off now her treatment is complete but bare it in mind if anyone has to take rifampicin!

So after the 10 days of treatment we had to wait 2 days and then we could start our round of testing to see if the treatment had worked.
Sophie had to have her nose and button swabbed and provide a sputum sample once a week until 3 were negative to MRSA or re-start treatment if any of the cultures came back positive.

The last time we saw one of these (rainbow) it brought us luck, would that happen again?

First round of cultures came back NEGATIVE!!!

I refused to get excited as I knew she was so close from finishing her treatment that it could still be there but in very low numbers, and the second week of testing would be crucial as the MRSA would have had time to multiply again.

So we repeated all of the swabs and sputum for a second time and waited anxiously for the results to come back.

Second round of cultures came back NEGATIVE!!!

To say I was a little happy would be an understatement but I had to compose myself as we still need THREE negative cultures in a row to be officially clear and to say that Sophie has eradicated this latest lung bitch.

So here we are, on the eve of getting her 3rd culture results. At the moment I'm not getting excited or presumptuous that we have cleared Sophie of MRSA but I have a lot of hope.

I know that we couldn't have done anymore than we did. The house was bleached, Ian and I were both tested and were both negative to carrying it, and we didn't miss a single treatment.

I just have to have hope that this little girl has sent Ms M packing for good.

Results to follow tomorrow...
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