Saturday, 29 December 2012


Hello all, long time no speak!

Apologies for that. Life as usual got in the way.

Sophie is continuing to eat, it's still all very new and incredibly strange to get used to. Ian and I find ourselves just glaring at her which I guess is something we need to stop doing :D

Her weight is continuing to yo yo, one week it's up, next week it's down but she has grown in height quite spectacularly. Literally like we have shoved her in a grow bag full of fertiliser. It's marvellous.

Since being discharged home, Soph decided the winter fun was beginning and picked up a lovely viral infection which as per her norm, sent her chest into a full on hissy fit. So, cue oral antibiotics again, which did the job just fine and cleared up the bark she had developed.

I must add, oral antibiotics she took, well.. orally!

Her last clinic appointment went well and we have decided Soph will be admitted middle of January for her nebulised vancomycin to see if we can rid her of the evil methicillin pulverising staph bitch (MRSA)

Sophie will be an inpatient for 5 days while she receives vancomycin via a nebuliser 3 or 4 times per day. She will also have another cocktail of fucidic acid and rifampicin orally for 6 weeks.

We aren't looking forward to this at all as last time the oral antibiotics gave her tummy ache and in view of her recent tube wean, there could be catastrophic consequences with her eating. However, we have to try and fight the bug and hopefully eradicate it. Mr P (pseudo) hasn't shown himself since the beginning of the year now so Ms M is clearly a nasty piece of work.

However, she isn't as feisty as us and she will hopefully get her ass kicked.

Sophie has been getting into the holiday spirit and had lots of fun, swimming, ice skating and attending Christmas events.

We have also been rather busy with our new fur baby.

We would like you all to meet Alfie!

He is a whole heap of fun! Sophie absolutely adores him and he does her. He was 8 weeks old when we had him and he's now 12 weeks old. If anyone is interested he is a shih tzu :)
Oh and for the record, the picture above was after his first appointment at the groomers and she had put that bow in his hair! Ian was horrified ;D I thought he looked cute!

He's such a naughty boy but so adorable with it. If he's not brushed regularly he ends up looking a right scruffy mess :D He will be getting his coat done properly in the new year to stop knots and butt nuggets settling in his fur.

We will leave this post by wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year. Thank you for all the continued support we've had in 2012. See you on the flip side in 2013.

Sophie and the only thing she really drinks...water!

Take care all

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  1. Completely forgot to comment before now! What a muppet!

    Hopefully the nebulised vanc will do the trick. Sounds stupid, but do you know how it tastes? Mind you, Soph does well with promixin doesn't she and that makes me gag so I'm sure she'll be fine. It'll be really good to have another go at elimination. She's not had IVs specifically for the MRSA has she? Will they try that if need be?

    The last photo is lovely. She looks so grown up!

    Also, if you lose Alfie, he'll be in my pocket. He's so cute!!

    Keep me in the loop about how the Vanc goes. What date does she go in?



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