Friday, 30 September 2011

Fun, Friends and Foolishness.

Sorry I majorly suck with keeping to blogging weekly right now. Life is still steaming by on full cylinders. I have no viable excuses.

Sophie's black eye has completely gone now thank goodness. It was rather impressive but it's nice not to have to explain to everyone we see how she got it.
She is continuing to enjoy school although she did have a few little setbacks due to another little girl. We'll call her Missy A.

Missy A has been causing her some bother with sly little pushes here and little slaps there. Soph was getting a little upset about it and had said a couple of times she didn't want to go to school. I did have a quiet word with her teacher and asked if she could just keep an eye on the situation in case Soph was fabricating it all. So far so good though and she hasn't had too much trouble since. I have heard that Missy A has been causing trouble for others too so it's not just isolated to Soph.

Sophie is quite sensitive and takes a lot to heart so I'm glad we have sorted it out before it became a major issue and it's also taught Sophie how to stand up for herself but not to retaliate.

She's also had a couple of play dates with her 'best friend' this week and has had a blast. Her nan took the two of them to an indoor play centre and today she spent a couple of hours at her house. I did have to give her friends mum a brief explanation about why Soph doesn't eat much and also not to be alarmed at her cough.

I'm quite proud of how Soph handled it and she had so much fun. I thought it would be much harder for me to loosen the reins, but I think I've realised that Soph needs to enjoy every second and do the same things as all of her friends.

Life is definitely for enjoying and living!!

A few recent pictures of Soph enjoying a HUGE lollipop...

In other news I decided to enter a blog giveaway that was been hosted by Rach over at Mid 30s Life
.It was for the latest Postman Pat DVD and she was also throwing in a Tinga Tinga Tales DVD too.

Well we only went and won!!! I never win!!! Sophie absolutely loves them both so she was really excited too. If you haven't already please check out Rach's blog. It isn't a health blog and it has to be one of the funniest blogs I have read. I never leave without a smile on my face. So what you waiting for? Go check it out now!!

Here's the Postman Pat DVD (how cool are my camera skills!? :) )

Random picture of Sophie goofing around, this one makes me laugh lots...


Next years Skydive will be on the 1st of July 2012. Oh.My.Goodness.

If you remember, I foolishly declared I would be doing it alongside my husband and a few friends and my brother in law are very likely to be taking part too.

Must be completely mad but it's for a very worthy cause obviously.
Watch this space for me begging like crazy for sponsors ;)

I have other Sophie news but will leave that as a stand alone blog post for next time. Port flush is on Monday and also flu jab time for Ian, Soph and I too. Hopefully we will have no ill effects this year, it's non negotiable in my eyes and I'm not prepared to risk Sophie's health so we will all have to just go with it and see how we are.

That's all for now folks!

Take care xx

Monday, 12 September 2011

Don't mess with me.

Well it's finally nice to blog in a positive way (partly why I left it so long).

Sophie has improved health wise and managed to start her first day of proper school. She's now full-time doing 08.55-15.15 Mon-Fri.
The antibiotics have shifted her cough and the temperatures have gone leaving her less spicy and hot!

CF clinic went well, here's the stats...

- Weight 18.5kgs (So 2kgs gained in two months).
- Chest sounded clear so her illness was definitely viral (good news).
- Stomach was soft and palpable.
- Height is now 100.2 cm so 3 cm increase.
- Sats were 97% so down a bit on her normal as she was still poorly.
- Cough swab taken.
- Bertie had his drink (port flush).

The fibre we have been adding to Sophs milk is working and things are finally firming up and her laxatives are down to a minimum now, sooo relieved!

Sophie is handling school very well, she's really enjoying it and cant wait to get home and do her homework. Bless her my little geek! Have a feeling it probably wont last though.

We spent her first week going up to the school at lunchtimes to spy on her through the dining hall door. This was at the schools request in case of any problems with Soph's eating.
I've explained that she could get food stuck if she was to actually eat something and not chew it properly, however we don't know when or if this will happen but it's made the school feel more relaxed and it has given us chance to answer any questions from the dinner ladies and teachers.

The school really rocks in our eyes. So far so good and Sophie happily sits with her little gang of friends and at least has a few tasters of some of the lunch we have packed her. She is also taking in some money to buy toast at morning break, which she has been spotted nibbling at :)
So watch this space! We have an appointment with her eating psychologist later this month and I'm looking forward to it.

I've handed the school all of Sophs appointment letters for the month and I think they have realised the magnitude of Sophie's medical involvement now.

And finally, Sophie was playing with an older boy at lunchtime (Ian is really impressed!!) and they were running about with each other and managed to bump heads somehow.

This was the result by evening...

The following day...

Beautiful isn't it?

Ian giving Sophie her tube feed after school and Sophie doing her best "Don't mess with me I'm hard" face :D

I feel I need to hang a sign around her neck stating we did not do this to her! She's been really good about it, didn't cry and says it doesn't hurt. It looks soooo sore though!

That's all for now folks and I'm pledging to blog at least once a week now unless I have a valid reason so you all have my permission to tell me off if I don't stick to it!

Take care all and thanks for Soph's good vibes, they've worked!

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