Friday, 1 October 2010

Unwelcome guest.

Can you guess?

The weather has gotten colder...

The days are getting shorter...

The sun has been hidden by a sky full of darkness...

People are taking to their houses and only venturing out into the unknown for necessities, hoping that on those short journeys they wont cross paths with him.

We were not so lucky. Our paths clearly crossed unbeknown to us and now we have a very unwelcome house guest.

Mr cold virus.


Most people hate the viral season but to all in the CF community, it is a nightmare.
Thankfully I have a good stock of back up antibiotics in our cupboard, ready for action when needed.

I say when and not if as it is inevitable. Antibiotics will be needed this winter, I just hope it is only orals. You cannot escape the germs as people swan about the place when ill without a care or thought for anyone else around them.

It's only a cold you hear people say.

It may only be just a cold to you, but to those with CF, it could mean increased treatments to add to an already gruelling schedule or a hospital admission or two weeks of IV antibiotics if they're lucky it just stops at that.

Sophie doing her DNAse through her pari turbo boy neb. She was never keen on this particular nebuliser or treatment but she is slowly improving.

I hate the viral season.

Sophie isn't right, she's coughing a little more than normal, she's sneezing out impressive snot and grumpy at times. She's also got flushed cheeks but no temperature thankfully.

She's due all of her jabs on Monday and I'm hoping she can fight this off over the weekend. Not sure how this cold is going to go with her, as she always gets a lot of post nasal drip causing her to cough more. It's once that stops that we know if it has entered the lungs and caused a bacterial flare up.

If no better by Monday I will be speaking to the team, but for now we wait.

Sophie is continuing to try little bits of food, I'm going to do once weekly updates on the tube wean front, probably on a Monday. No problems so far but very very early days.


Finally, Sophie's weekly cooking class!

Yummy Biscuits...

Take care and look after yourself and yours.



  1. Hope the cold passes quickly. I'm happy that we are finally having fall temperatures in Georgia, but I am not excited about what that brings. Oh how I dislike cold and flu season!! Feel better Sophie!

  2. Noooo!!! Really hope this cold packs it's bags soon (without being a difficult sod and Soph needing IV's!!!!) and you get a break for a while! *hugs* xxx


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