Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Play time in the outpatients department!

Well this afternoon, Sophie and I met with her CF psychologist Ruth and her assistant Jo. The purpose of this meeting was to work on Sophies PMTS (Paediatric medical traumatic stress) within the outpatients department. This is the place where Sophie has alot of anxiety and it causes allsorts of problems everytime we have a CF appointment.

Sophie gets so worked up at clinic appointments that she wont let the nurses weigh, or measure her height, she wont let the doctors listen to her chest and the whole appointment is full of lots of screaming and crying-exhausting!

Well today we took some polystyrene planes which Sophie loves and built them in the waiting area. Once built, we then proceeded to fly them along the corridors of outpatients-lots of fun! We got alot of funny looks from some of the doctors but Sophie did allow a few nurses to play with her which was a HUGE breakthrough. Ruth took lots of photographs as the whole aim is to create a book for Sophie of pictures of all the areas of the hospital that she visits. The pictures will be of Sophie having fun in those areas in the hope it will trigger positive emotions and memories rather than negative ones. We did similar in the ward setting which worked wonderfully and it is mainly the reason we got home to finish her ivs.

We had a major breakthrough today, we managed to get Sophies height done by pretending to let her squash us into bricks with the machine. Sophie eventually allowed us to do the same to her and we got her first actual height in two and a half years!!! Go Sophie. We also managed to get her onto the sitting scales by putting a whoopie cushion on it and then Sophie obviously had to squash it with her bottom. Sounds absolutely crazy but it worked! We also had such a good laugh.

We are all meeting up again on Friday this week to work on more of the same. I cant thank Ruth enough as she is working so hard on getting Sophie to accept the hospital setting and we are seeing results really quickly. Instead of Sophie screaming in the car on the way to the hospital, she's actually telling me to get there quickly so she can go and fly planes with Ruth.

We still have a really long way to go but things are going in the right direction now. Sophie will have to have 'Bertie' (her port) flushed every month and this is something that isn't going to be easy. We also have to get her to accept chest xrays as this is another area where we are having major problems.

On the whole though, really positive day and I have a really happy little girl who didn't want to leave the clinic today! Bizarre.

Hope all your little ones are well.

Gemma x

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